An introduction to infinity

In a finite world, there is only conflict. There, every direction you look you will see walls and threats, enemies and impurities. The only things progressing: isolation and silence. We live in a country with a man at the top who believes that walls are a solution, that once this wall is built there will be some kind of stopping point during which America can reorient itself and achieve some great future, but this is a lie. One wall will beget the next wall and the next ā€“ whether physical or rhetorical ā€“ until we have all but shut ourselves off from the world.

Walls are not a stopping point. They are only the strongest evidence possible of a world beyond them and of the fear that world creates in the ones who built it.

This blog is going to be a place for engaging with and expressing ideas across walls. As long as walls are put up this conversation will be infinite, but it will get us somewhere, somewhere they don’t want us to go: the other side.

Happy reading,

Gavin Stone

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